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Email Sent to Members: August Notes
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October 8, 2017


The long three-quarters of a year has passed since the last Indian Taco Sale has passed, and the senior center is ready to serve them again. This coming Saturday is the day when Cecil Gardner brings her Navajo fry bread dough to from her kitchen to the center kitchen, the volunteers finish the beans, the spiced beef, and all the other fixings for serving, and the doors will open to everyone hungry and waiting for a wonderful Indian taco platter.. 

Now is the time to call your friends. your relatives. your neighbors, and anyone else who might not get this email (OK, you might just re-send it to everyone on your email list, but that does seem a little bit excessive). Tell them that Indian tacos are being served at the senior center from 11 am to 2:30 pm on Saturday...... still only $7.00.

This feast is possible because center volunteers make it possible. They start preparing on Friday, arrive early on Saturday to finish preparing, and stay late to clean up. And, you know, they enjoy doing it. If any of you want to experience such enjoyment, call Puddin at 580-591-6192 or Cecil at 580-529-2621 and ask when to be where.

Other Stuff: 

An Evening of Line Dancing: Cheryl-Ann and Rick agreed to call off line dancing for October because we have the chance to rent the ballroom. They provide line-dance instruction and practice to our members and others every month, on the 4th Saturday, and it is generous of them and the folks who come to the Legion Building on those Saturdays to give up the place for the benefit of the center. Since the fourth Saturday of November and December fall in holiday periods, line dancing is not scheduled in those months. UPDATE!! An Evening of Line Dancing will take place on the THIRD Saturday of November and December still starting at 7 pm.The next An Evening of Line Dancing on the fourth Saturday is now scheduled for January 27, 2018.

Flu Shots: After the potluck supper on Monday (October 9), Bob Dishman and his crew from Heritage Pharmacy in Lawton will be giving flu shots to all who want them as long as they have their Medicare Card with them. The 4-strain vaccine is being used this year, offering a little bit more protection. Bob stressed the need for every senior to get the protection of flu immunization because the flu gets so much more dangerous as we get older. The shots are without charge as long as you have your Medicare card. They will be given from 6:30 to 7:15...... longer if there is a waiting line. 

Quilt Raffle: The quilt currently being raffled is back on display on the west wall of the ballroom. The quilt has been missing because it was entered in the County competition. Note the blue ribbon attached to the beautiful quilt. We are proud of the ladies who gather and quilt every Tuesday. The quality of those quilts and the precision of those stitches being recognized by the quilt show judges just make us prouder.  Raffle tickets are now on sale, a dollar each or six for five dollars. The drawing date will be announced

Ballroom Painted:  The ballroom has needed to be painted since we started using the Legion Building in 2011. That need has finally been satisfied because two center members volunteered to do the job. Van Hale and Buddy Dye heard some of the ladies talking about the ragged state of the walls and said that they would get the job done. Working feverishly to finish the work before September's Open House, the two of them have left the ballroom beautiful. 

Fish Fry Next Month: On the second Saturday of November, that's the 11th, we have scheduled our next fundraiser, the fish fry. You can mark your calendar if you want to, but I am going to remind you about the fish fry early in the month.

October and November Calendars: Everything going on at the Senior Center and the Legion Building is listed on our calendars. The current and next months calendars are always updated and linked to the home page of this web site.

That is about all. See you at the Indian Taco Sale, if not before.