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Email Sent to Members: December Notes
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December 1, 2017                                Return to <Home> Page, 2017

All, with no fundraiser scheduled for December, I just want to tell you of all the other stuff that is going on that you might be interested in. But, first.... there WILL be an Indian Taco Sale in JANUARY, second Saturday, as always ('cept when January icy weather keeps everybody indoors. I will be sending you a note next month.


Other Stuff:


Center Christmas Party: First, we've changed the date from the eleventh to the eighteenth. It has been wrong on the calendars I sent you the last couple of month, but it is right on the one attached to this note. Also attached to this note is the flyer for Party (Christmas pot luck and Dirty Santa gift exchange). Send it on to anyone you want to know about the event. FACTS: The center provides the main course (although the turkeys have been donated by Cliff and Don Gitner and by Marj and Dick Huck. and the ham by James Williams), cooked by volunteers. The rest are side dishes and desserts provided by you. If you would like guidance about what to bring, James has a list of what he needs and what he's been promised. Call him at 404-922-9031.


Serving for the potluck Christmas meal begins at 6 pm. The domino crowd will have been there since 1 pm, so the building will be open any time you want to come.


Around 7 to 7:30, Dirty Santa, the gift exchange, will begin. The cost of gifts should be around 5 to 10 dollars and be appropriate for the gender of the giver or be gender neutral. 


New Year's Eve Dance: The Wichita Sounds Band is playing at their annual New Year's Eve dance on the 31st. That is on a Sunday this year, so folks have asked. The cost of the evening is $15 per person, and that includes the food, the favors, and sparkling fruit juice. The music starts at 8 pm and goes until midnight. The evening is intended to be a perfect way to welcome the new year with no alcohol, with no irritating tobacco smoke, but with great people, wonderful music, and a fun, fun time.


December's Friday Night Dance: As you can see from the attached calendar, the Wichita Sounds Band will play every Friday Night during December. The New Year's Eve Dance is an extra treat that the band wants to give.


An Evening of Line Dancing: As I mentioned last month, Rick and Cheryl-Ann are having their Evening of Line Dancing on the third Saturday instead of the normal fourth Saturday this December to let you enjoy the night out and avoid the busyness of the holiday week. If you have been intending to come to learn or to participate in an evening of good music, good exercise, and great fun, you are invited to the center on December 16th. In January, An Evening of Line Dancing will return to the fourth Saturday of each month.


The New Computer and Learning Stuff: The center has been struggling with the old Vista-based computer for some time, but now has added a new Dell Windows 10 computer with a great 24-inch monitor. We now feel better about offering computer classes to (initially, on a one-on-one basis) individuals interested in learning to operate a computer; learn individual applications like word processing, email, video communications, photo processing, spreadsheets, gaming, and almost any other computer subject. Cliff Ginter says that he will arrange his schedule to meet anyone almost anytime to help with most subjects. Skip will teach Calc. I know a little bit about most applications including photo processing. You have only to ask.


Holiday Schedule at the Center: There is only one difference between the December/January schedules and our normal schedules. Both Christmas and New Year's Day fall on Monday, so the center will be closed on both of those Mondays. That means no potluck dinner on either Monday, December 25 or Monday, January 1. The building will not be open for dominoes or any other activities on those days, either. Tuesday activities, including the meal, will continue as usual.


That is all for now. Look at the attachments and send them on to your friends and family, if you think they would be interested. I update the calendars on the web site, when changes occur.