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Email Sent to Members: June Notes
June 3, 2018                                Return to <Home


It has been a long two months since you were last able to drop by the Legion Building and get one of those schrumpchous platesful of locally caught fried catfish. This coming Saturday, the hiatus is ended. The serving starts at 11 am and the fish will be all gone by 2:30 pm. I would ask that you mark your calendar, but surely you can remember something this important until Saturday.

What do you get for your $8.00? A plateful of fried catfish with hush puppies and french fries and coleslaw and potato salad and all those condiments and all that dessert. Wow. Oh, and a drink. You may ask, "Can I go back for seconds?" As your mother told you, "If you eat everything on your plate, you can have more." Good woman.

If I remember to attach a Catfish flyer, why don't you send it on to all your friends, relatives, neighbors, and people you want to really impress. 

We always can use additional volunteers at the senior center. If you want to help with the fish fry call Puddin at 580-591-6192 or James at 405-922-9031 and ask what they need you to do.

Other Stuff:

My earlier note about Senior Center Membership: I sent out a note the other day asking you to respond with a number 1 through 4, regarding your membership. About half of you responded. We are preparing our annual grant request for state funding, and one part of the request is a member roster. If the other half of you will respond in the next couple of days (1-I am a member, 2-not a member, but want email, 3-not 60 years old, 4-not interested, stop bothering me), I can get your info in the application. It has to be there on Friday.

The New Medicare Cards: Ken Jones from ASCOG says that the new Medicare Cards are supposed to be mailed to Oklahoma during June. He left with us two pages of information about the new cards. I have attached those pages to this note for you who subscribe to Medicare.

Wheel-Chair Ramp and Van Parking: Parking on the south side of the Legion Building is getting better. There is now a Van Parking hardstand at the new ADA-compliant ramp. We hope that the van parking spaces stay open for the use of wheel-chairs. The improved surfacing along the south end of the building will make getting to the building a lot easier. The county workers have done a great job.

A Domino Tournament: The Senior Center for Creative Living in Lawton is having a Domino Tournament on June 23. They asked that I include their flyer to this note. Our Domino players have been talking about  having our own tournament some day. Maybe.

Friday Dance: Don't forget the Friday dance. Great music, good dancing and listening. Music starts at 7 pm. $6 at the door. 
An Evening of Line Dancing: Line dancing lessons and practice at 7pm on the Saturday, June 23. 

In addition to all the other attachments, I am also attaching the June and July Calendars.

If you have questions, suggestions, or opinions to share, let us know.