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Email Sent to Members: May Notes
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May 14, 2017



I know most of you are mourning the missing Indian Taco Sale this month, but we are intending to make it up to you this coming Saturday, May 20. I know that the weather forecast says there is an 80% chance of Thunderstorms, but we are keeping to our schedule, anyway. Hey, it is spring in Oklahoma. Here is the story:


Fried Catfish will be served at the Legion Building on Saturday from 11 am to 2:30 pm. For a mere $8.00 per platter, you receive a platter of fish and hush puppies, fries and coleslaw, and a dessert and drink. Now I ask you, what else could a hungry person want?


Anyone who wants to join the volunteers behind the counter, preparing to cook and serve, cooking and serving, or cleaning and doing the dishes call Puddin (580-591-6192) or Cecil (580-529-2621) and tell them. Volunteers are always needed.


Other Stuff:


Wildhorse Road Repaving: Folks have asked how long are we going t have to put up with the rough and rocky road coming to the Legion Building. The county roads superintendent told me that the resurfacing will take place after the hot weather gets here. He said that working the new surface in the hot weather will result in a better, longer-lasting road.


Friday Night Dance: More dancers than ever are coming to dance to the wonderful music of the Wichita Sounds Band. A couple who attended for the first time told me that they are amazed that such a great dance night has been going on for several years and they had missed it. If you have been missing it and like to dance, it starts at 7 pm every Friday night.


Not much Other Stuff this time around. Either little else is going on or I just do not know about it. The fundraiser event for June hasn't been determined yet. I will send a notice as soon as I know. The domino players have been talking about holding a tournament, but we are not far enough along in planning to schedule it. If you are interested in helping set up and hold such an event, talk to the players. Things that ARE going on are listed in the calendar. I have attached the May and June schedules to this email.