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Email Sent to Members: March Notes
March 4, 2018                                Return to <Home


No more Indian Taco? Have you heard that at a meeting of the center council earlier this week, we decided to suspend Indian Taco Fundraiser events for a while? We will continue to have Fried Fish Fundraisers. There are several reasons for the decision to stop having the Indian taco Saturdays

The main reason is that Cecil Gardner says that she just cannot do the job anymore. At 93 years old, she has retired. Age, a little infirmity, and a couple of caring sons who are determined to keep their mom away from these tiring, difficult, and physically and mentally exhausting chores has caused Cecil to declare that she just cannot continue making the large amounts of Navajo fry bread. Her fry bread is what made our Indian tacos the most delicious, desirous, and sought after platter of food anywhere in this area. She has shown us how she makes the. Several of us have tried, but we haven't learned that touch that makes the difference. 

We offered a Cecil substitute during the January Indian Taco Sale. The Indian taco platter that we sold you that time tasted good, but a bunch of you were gracious enough to tell us what we already knew..... that the fry bread was a little bit tough and hard to cut and to chew. "It was like the ones we can get at any cafe around here." was the most disturbing report we heard. We decided that we will not serve "just another Indian taco." Until one of us is blessed with Cecil's majic, we just won't have Indian Taco Sales.

What does Cecil do differently? She has give us her recipe. She told us that she uses only one brand of flour, and we used that. She showed us how to blend and mix the ingredients. We watched her knead the dough and cover it with cheesecloth and let it rest and rise. She says that she can feel when the dough is just right, exactly when to stop kneading and punching. We watched her pull the bit of dough, spread it and work it with her fingers on an oiled table into a thin disk and drop it into the hot oil. We know how to do it. We just cannot do it right. When we learn, we will have another Indian Taco Sale.

Until then, though, we have our Fish Fry Fundraiser. Gene has been out catching, filleting, and freezing, getting us ready for April when we will have our next Fundraiser. One other thing we are going to start doing, as much as possible, is schedule around other activities going on in the area. I will let you know early enough for you to plan to be there.

Let us know what you think.