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Email Sent to Members: August Notes
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August 6, 2017



Someone asked me when we are having the next Fish Fry at the Legion Building, obviously a person of fine gastronomic persuasion. His question reminded me that I need to tell everyone about what is happening next Saturday (August 12). That is the purpose of this note. 


Gene told us that the fish are biting like crazy with the fresh cool weather. He said that we will have plenty of fish in the freezers to feed everyone who might even THINK of coming to the Legion Building with a hunger for fried fish. Volunteers in the center kitchen will have the grease hot and the first batch of catfish and hush puppies and french fries ready to serve at 11 am. Other fixings, like coleslaw, potato salad, desserts, and drinks will be ready. The only thing needed will by you. Seconds are OK. Thirds depend on if the server likes you (or, maybe, on how you ask).


Serving goes on until around 2:30 pm. The cost is $8.00. Dominoes tables ready. TV on (but Dallas Cowboys don't play until 8 pm), and visiting encouraged. 


Anyone wanting to help with the preparations, serving, and/or cleanup is welcome, just call Puddin at 580-591-6192 or Cecil at 580-529-2621 and ask when to be where.


Other Stuff:


Message Addressees: Every year I send a note to all of you asking you to tell me if you consider yourself a member of the senior center or, if you do not, do you want to keep receiving these notes. I will do that again next week. The reason for the question is that our annual grant request to ASCOG, CENA must include a list of our members, their addresses and phone numbers. We are preparing the FY18 now for submission prior to August 31. When you get my next note, please answer it promptly. Just touching "REPLY" and typing a 1, 2, or 3 (explained in the note I will send) and "SEND" will give me all the info I need for the budget submission.


Vacuuming Coils: Puddin noticed that one of the center refrigerators was running a little bit hotter than it should be. She and Pat moved the contents to the other refrigerator. We might need a repairman, but we might just need to vacuum the coils to correct the problem. I told her that when I get to the center tomorrow, I will get the vacuum from the storeroom and clean the coils on all of our refrigerators and freezers and the ice machine. I should do that every three months, I know. but I keep forgetting. I am just wondering, though. Is there anyone of our membership with a memory better than mine who would want to take on the task of routinely vacuuming the appliance coils one a quarter? Now, I KNOW that I could write a note and tape it to the front of the refrigerator, but then, I would have to remember to READ the note!!


No Potluck on Labor Day: There will be no Monday potluck dinner on Monday, September 4th. Being Labor Day, we figured that most people will be participating in other activities. Of course, the Tuesday activities will take place as normal, the next day.


Open House in September: We don't have a fundraiser on the second Saturday of September, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't drop by and spend the day. On September 9, we are hosting an Open House at the center. Beans and Cornbread is the meal and there will be no charge to come in and enjoy. The reason for the open house is to introduce the activities of our center to folks who do not know what goes on at the Legion Building. It seems strange that since we have been operating in the Legion Building for seven years, increasing the number and scope of our activities, folks wouldn't know what we do here, but we keep getting drop-ins and questions. We hope to have all of our activities going on that day, Dominoes, cards, TV, Tai Chi, quilting, blood pressure testing and health advice, and, of course, food. We hope to increase our membership, motivate volunteers, and get the word out, who we are and what we do. We need each of you to come to the center, enjoy the day, and represent the center. Bring guests. Tell everyone you know.


The Coffee Machine: Those of you who have been making coffee with our old, old three-pot automatic coffee machine might have noticed that, when you use the automatic fill feature, you never know how much hot water is going to filter through the coffee grounds.... usually three-quarters of a pot or less. We are looking into getting a new coffee brewer. One question that has come up. Do we need to have the hot water faucet or will separate pot of hot water do as well? I don't have a good feel for how many people drink hot beverages that are not coffee. Tell us.


August and September Calendars:  The schedule for the rest of August and all of September can be found  by selecting the month on the home page.