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Email Sent to Members: April Notes
April 8, 2018                                Return to <Home


Someone asked me the other day, "Don't chall have those fish frys any more? I am gittin' hungry for a mess of catfish." I told him that the good news is that the senior center will be holding the Catfish Fundraiser on Saturday, April 14th.... this coming Saturday... and the bad news is that its going to cost him $8 for him and another $8 for his significant other (He calls her his main squeeze, but I think that is inappropriate for me to say in this email). "Same as last time." He said. "Yep." I said. 

So now, I am telling you. Fish Fry at the Legion Building this coming Saturday. Locally caught, if they are locally biting. Serving starts at 11 am and goes on steadily until 2:30 pm. Really hungry folks can go back for more..... more fish, more french fries, more hushpuppies, more potato salad and coleslaw. You'll likely be to full to eat two desserts, but two drinks are likely. 

Make plans now. Oh, tell the neighbors. Oh, bring your friends. 

We always can use additional volunteers at the senior center. If you want to help with the fish fry call Puddin at 580-591-6192 or James at 405-922-9031 and ask what they need you to do.

Other Stuff:

An Evening of Line Dancing in April: For this month only An Evening of Line Dancing is moving to the 3rd Saturday instead of the 4th Saturday. Cheryl-Ann and Rick are going to an out-of-town dance event on the last weekend of the month, so we are line dancing a week early. Speaking of Line Dancing, if you have been yearning to get out, get a little exercise and have a bunch of fun, you might want to add the monthly line dancing classes to your schedule.

Medical Support Supplies:  From time to time, when one of our members passes away or maybe even gets well and the equipment he or she has been using is no longer needed, we get some stuff that others might need. Right now we have a couple of walkers, a 17-inch transport-type wheel chair (they come in 17 and 19 inch), two bedside commodes, and a swivel-and-slide bathtub seat. Any one needing things like that, let me or Puddin know, and we will get it to you.

The Leaking Roof: You have likely noticed the ceiling tiles missing over the dance floor..... If you haven't noticed you can when you come to the fish fry on Saturday. When flat roofs leak, they are hard to fix. If you know of a flat roof fixer who does a perfect job and doesn't charge much, tell him or her to call me, ....before the spring rains.

Friday Dance: Don't forget the Friday dance. Great music, good dancing and listening. Music starts at 7 pm. $6 at the door. 

I have posted the April and May Calendars. If you know of folks wondering what to do with themselves, give them a copy of the calendar. Point out the dominoesquiltingfood fixingTai chi and YogaFriday Dance, and Line Dancing. They can do that with themselves.

If you have questions, suggestions, or opinions to share, let us know.