April Country Music

Friday Dance (May 22) is cancelled! (Friday Morning, 11:15 am)

I just hung up from a call from Alice Law. With regret and apology, the band has cancelled tonight's dance. Please spread the word to others who may not be recipients of these notices.

With today's inch of rain (so far.....) flowing on the elevated levels of this weeks marvelous moisture, several of the members of the band had told Jim and Alice that they thought it was just too dangerous for people to be on country roads at the end of the day. Several of the folks who travel some distance to enjoy the Friday Dance (like from Altus and Duncan) had called the Laws, telling them that they were just too apprehensive about flooding roads to get out today, and especially tonight, viewing the forecast.

Alice said that she will be feeding Jim a bunch of "really good" sandwiches over the weekend, having already put tonight's spread together.

I am sorry that we have to do this again so soon, but safety during these times is probably more important than fun......

We still expect to have the Evening of Line Dancing tomorrow night..... 7 pm start with the doors open somewhat earlier. Hope everyone will be able to get out and enjoy that evening of dance, exercise, and friendship.

Call and tell everyone who might be interested about both these pieces of news. (the Friday Dance and the Evening of Line Dancing)

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