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6739 N Wild Horse Road, Medicine Park, OK  

Directions to the new location of the Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens Center:

Take Exit 45 from I-44 (Medicine Park Exit).

Go EAST after you exit.  Veer RIGHT into Wildhorse Road at the end of Highway 49.  Follow the Senior Center signs.  The center is no more than a quarter of a mile from Exit 45 going North (to OK City); and maybe 3/4 of a mile from Exit 45 if you are going South (coming from OK City). 

The location was, until recently, the America Legion Post 193. Wildhorse Road  used to be the actual Highway 44. All traffic, going North or South, passed in front of the building. After the construction of I-44, Highway 44 ceased to exist.  Now I-44 runs behind the Post, and Exit 45 is now the only way to get to the center.  Old Highway 44 is now Wildhorse Road.

 You can find a map showing the Post 193 by searching the address given above using any search engine like Google or Yahoo.