• Kitchen Plan

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ASCOG granted 2009 funds for the purchase of the following equipment:

Commercial Refrigerator 

                                    Commercial Freezer

                                    Commercial Under-counter Dishwasher


    This equipment was ordered through Southwest Chemical and Restaurant Supply, Lawton, OK, and delivered in early March

    The rest of the equipment, sinks, and prep tables shown in the diagram has been purchased through a grant from the Mc Mahon foundation. Southwest Chemical has delivered the second refrigerator and freezer, the stove and fryer, and wall shelves. Sinks and preparation tables are scheduled for delivery during the week of March 23.

    The beverage service table, purchased from Amundsen Restaurant Supply, Lawton, is connected and in service in the meeting room. A commercial coffee maker has been installed on the table. Coffee cups are stored in the base of the table.

    Electricians have powered all equipment and plumbers have installed the water heater and connected all water and sewage service. Tom Spears installed the baseboard. Tom and Alon Williams constructed tables and storage lockers, hung the pan rack, and cut holes in tables and installed the prep sink and hand sink in the kitchen island.

   Things still to be done to use the kitchen: 

   Health Inspector suggestions:
  • Include a hand sink at the range end of the kitchen for the cook (Done)
  • Construct a store room on north side of building with kitchen access
  • Use a mobile serving tables, do not serve from island prep table (Done)
  • Install stainless steel wall cover behind the stove (Done)
  • Ovens do not need vent hood, just the stove top and fryer (Done)
  • Put disposals in each prep and wash sink, but use sparingly (Done)
  • Follow commercial kitchen storage, preparation, and sanitary rules
  • The kitchen does not require a state license but fee-free application is suggested