Saturday at the Legion Building you will find Cecil Gardner's wonderful Indian tacos again being served. Volunteer members of the Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens will be preparing the marvelous morsels and will have them ready at 11 O'clock AM on Saturday, September the 8th. Tell everyone you know (and it might not hurt to tell strangers who find themselves in line with you at Wal-Mart checkout) that they are missing a real treat if they do not show up at the Legion Building between 11 am and 3:30 pm. Where else can one feed on the finest culinary and gastronomic exquisiteness known to Southwest Oklahoma for a paltry $5.00? (Ask those guys at the Walmart checkout that question!) Just in case you find you do not have time to tell everyone the facts of the fundraiser, I have attached a flyer for the event. Print it out, carry it with you, and just hand a copy to anyone with whom you find yourself. 

"How can I help?" You might be asking yourself, "Surely, with all the preparation required to turn out around 100 to 125 Indian Taco, the senior center could use more volunteers!" Well, as it turns out, there are a number of tasks that center members have to do on Thursday (go to town and shop for groceries and supplies), and Friday (slice and dice and mix and pour..... start the beans to boiling and the meat to spicing.... making the desserts, etc.) and Saturday (cooking and cleaning and setting up the serving table and keeping it full of fixings and other goodies.... rinsing and washing and cleaning.) Those wanting to help just call Cecil ( 580-529-2621) or Eva ( 405-829-0838) ask what they want you to do.

And Other Stuff

The night before the Indian Taco Sale, the country band, Old Country, will come over from Duncan and play for the Friday Dance. They start playing at 7 pm and play with only one short break until 9:30 pm. Five dollars per person to get in. Cheryl Ann and Rick will teach a short line-dancing class (from 6:15 until 6:45) for anyone at the building who wants to to learn or relearn that skill. The band plays a couple of line-dance tunes during the evening, so more practice is possible for the learners. And the instructors usually run through a tune or two at the band's break for the serious student. 

I have mentioned in the past that we need more patronage at the Friday Night Dances to ensure that the event keeps happening. We have had as many as 83, but the last time the band was here, only 57 folks came, a discouraging number. Everyone who comes thoroughly enjoys themselves. If you know folks who used to love to dance, but for some reason stopped doing it. Urge them to try the Legion Building on Friday night. The dance is over early. The building is smoke-free and alcohol-free. And there are usually a number of women who come out wanting to dance a little. We hope more will join us there.

Tomorrow (That is Thursday, September 6th), as an addition to the normal Thursday activities at the Legion Building (Normal being dominoes, card games, Tai Chi, computer instruction, basket weaving, lunch, karaoke practice, and stuff like that), the Angle Home Health will be there doing free blood pressure and blood sugar checks for anyone who shows up..... They will be there around 2:45... after lunch and after Tai Chi and just before several of the members go to town to purchase supplies for the Indian Taco Sale. 

Then, Monday, September 17, just before the Pot Luck Supper, Flu shots will be given to anyone who wants them. Folks on Medicare and Medicaid do not have to pay for the shots. Any others can get the shot for $1.25 each. The inoculation shot team will also do blood pressure and blood sugar level tests.

I have forgotten if I attached a September schedule to my last note, so I am attaching the latest calendar to this one.

That is about it for now. Write or call if you have info you would like to add to these notes or to the web page