Our Leaders

 Our Program depends upon volunteer leaders and other volunteers!  
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Each activity that the center offers must have a leader who coordinates, plans, and invigorates the activity.

The lead is one who is especially interested in participating in and encouraging the activity. Working with the Center officers, the lead gets funds and supplies for the activity, schedules routine and special events, and stays aware of the needs and desires of the members who enjoy and partic-ipates in the activity.

This page tells interested members who leads each activity, how to contact him or her. It also tells how to create and initiate new activities, becoming the lead for the new activities.

Leads are given privileged access to the building to prepare for and conduct their activities. 
The Membership Enrollment Form gathers information about which members are interested in specific activities, whether as a lead or as a participant. Member-interest information is openly available to members wanting to find members with similar interests. Members should email their questions or request the Membership interest List to the Public Relations Officer.
To create an activity, a member should discuss the activity with the officers of the Center, establish any funding that might be needed, be granted a kitchen-door long-term combination for access to the building, contact other members who want to participate in the activity, and schedule the activity on the monthly calendar.
Activity Leads: Food and Nutrition Lead

Cecil Gardner

Senior Center Manager is also the Food and Nutrition Lead and the Center Treasurer. She, with the President, is overall responsible for the running of the center. Coordinates all plans and scheduling of the center, its food purchase and preparation, and the feeding  program. Cooks and coordinates help in the kitchen (food preparation volunteers and  pots and pans scrub people and everyone in-between).Seeks pot-luck participants. Coordinates other center leads.

Games and Thursday Activities Lead <Dorothy Range>
Look after equipment and game sets. Recruit players. Lead Tai Chi exercises. Develop other activities including Basket Weaving. Encourage participation. Get established groups to use the facility.

Lending Library Lead and Tuesday Activities Lead<Gary Howell>
Gary Howell has installed a set of shelves in the meeting room and stocked the shelves with books, DVD's, and CD's from his own collection. Any item can be borrowed from the library with no record, no charge and no return due date. Anyone wanting to leave books, DVD's, or CD's in the library may do so. The lead will arrange, alphabetize, categorize, and straighten the items, for ease of use of the lending library,
Fund Raising Lead   <Vacant>                          

Plan, schedule, and organize regular fund-raising activities in coordination with the Activity Manager. Coordinate and schedule special fund-raising activities with those members who want to organize them.
Building Maintenance and Security Lead <Leo Whitley>                                                    

Ensure that member users of the building are aware of the rules of cleanliness and post-activity security..... how to lock up, when to turn off which lights and equipment, and when and how to log the opening and closing of the building. Maintain the active keyless entry numbers and provide the numbers to the Access Contacts. 
Scheduling Lead  <Tom Spears>                                  

Maintain the Center monthly calendar. Coordinates calendar with the Senior Citizens Manager. Publish on the Web Site the calendar to all members and mail the calendar to each member who does not have Web access. Coordinate the calendar with the Medicine Park Town Clerk by the twentieth of the month prior to the effective calendar month in order to avoid conflict between the Seniors schedule and town-use of the building. 
Other Leads, as Needed <Requesting Volunteers>