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Last of the Ages of Man

Not hearin' right is no laughing matter.                                                                                          Return to <Poems and Stuff>
Knowin' you're talking just makes me sadder.
I say "Huh?" but gatta tend my bladder,
Before you can say it again.

Surely my thoughts are all allegory.
Thinkin' often of goin' to glory.
Sayin' a poem or over-told story.....
Last of the ages of man.

Now I don't want you all to get me wrong.
I love my life, and I'm livin' it strong.
Livin' and writin' just where I belong.
I'm probably my biggest fan.

Hey, I am just kiddin', puttin' you on.
I sure am laughin', not aging alone.
In touch with good friends by I-net and phone.
Rememberin' where it began.

--- Tom Spears