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Note and Stuff


At the center pot-luck supper last night, Eva talked to the group about this year's annual Christmas party. After the party-planning discussion, this is what Eva asked me to announce:

     -  The December 17th pot-luck will be the Christmas party, except, instead of side dishes for a dinner meal that night, folks are asked to bring things like Christmas-type desserts, hors d'oervres, dips and chips, beverages (non alcohol, of course), and such. 
     -  People will start gathering between 5 pm and 6 pm and, as usual, playing dominoes and other table games, visiting, and setting out the delectables for immediate and subsequent consumption.   
     -  Ray Koehn will later lead us in Christmas carols with his magic music box, karaoke-like, leading us through the lyrics of the familiar but word-forgotten tunes.
     -  Toward the end of the evening, the gift exchange activity will take on a dirty-Santa tinge, with those who want to participate bringing a $5.00 gift for the game.
     -  Everyone on this email list is encouraged to attend, bring a gift and an appetizer (or something to eat or drink), and have a great time.
     -  If you know of friends, relatives, and other members who do not have email access, please call them, tell them about the plan, and invite them to join us for the evening.
     -  Contact Eva Williams (405-829-0838) if you have comments or questions.

Other Stuff:

Ray has also asked a favor:  As you come to the senior center over the next couple of weeks, could you bring in and leave all of your used Christmas Cards and used Calendars? I use these items in special projects and activities for children and seniors in the Lawton area. I will put a box near the front door to collect those items. I would truly appreciate all I can get.

Country music returns to the Legion Building this week after a short Thanksgiving break. 
     Old Country band plays again on Friday from 7 to 9:30 pm. Rick and Cheryl-Ann will lead their line-dance class from 6:15 to 6:45. From now until the end of the year Old Country will play on Nov. 30, December 7, and December 14, then return January 4th, 2013. I have attached a December and January calendar to be sure you do not miss any center activities.
     Killin' Time band has switched their Thursday dance nights from the first and third Thursdays. Beginning December, they will play on the second and fourth Thursdays. The calendar shows their December dates as the 14th and the 28th, giving you a Thursday country dance to anticipate Christmas and one to recover from post-Christmas letdown.
     Spread the word, and show up for our December dances. 

Speaking of country dances, you know of the popular Saturday night dance that is held in Cooperton, OK, with Jack Walbrick's Wichita Valley Boys band. Coming the 8th of December, the Cooperton Dance will celebrate its 19th anniversary playing in the Senior Citizens Center there. As part of that celebration, Jack and Niva Walbrick are inviting everyone to come over to the dance on the eighth with the music starting at 7 pm. No admittance fee will be charged. Supper during the 9:30 break will be served at no charge. A good time will be had by all.

And speaking of country music and other senior citizens centers, the Tipton Senior Center has finally finished its two-year-long renovation. The first of the revived monthly evenings of country music in the new place will take place on the first Monday of December and then continue the first Monday of each month. Walter Hoeny informed me that the same procedure they developed years ago will be reinstituted. The center will open around 4:30, burgers will be served beginning at 5 pm, and the country music jam session will begin at 6 pm. They don't have room for dancing in Tipton, but the music and the burgers are great. Donations are accepted at the door. We copied our An Evening of Country Music on the last Friday of the Month (Jan thru Oct) from Walter's Tipton example.

I will try to remember to send you an additional reminder early next week, but in case I don't, The December Indian Taco Sale is still on the Second Saturday of the month; in this case, December 8th. Still $5.00 (although increased cost of the makings is adding a gentle pressure to increase the cost after the first of the year), and still Ray Koehn adding the pleasure of his voice.

That is about it for now. I hope to see you at the upcoming events.