Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens

                                                                    Paving of Road in Front of Center Completed 
                                                                                      Friday Night Dance! Wichita Sounds Band! Music starts at 7 pm
                                                          Indian Taco Sale October 14!! Now happening once a Quarter
                                                           Fish Fry Scheduled for Saturday, August 8. 11 to 2:30 pm.
                                   Wichita Mountain Travelers Offer Mystery Trip, July 27. Satisfaction Guaranteed.  <Info>

Yoga: Tuesday & every other Thursday - 10 am -11am, 
Tai Chi: Tuesday & Thursday - 11 am - noon <flyer>
   An Evening of Line Dancing on Saturday, 7 pm, August 26, 2017  <Info>

                                                 What is happening with the Wichita Mountain Travelers? <Go see!>
              Volunteers welcome. too!! Occasionally prepare Potluck main dish, Help clean (sweep, mop, wipe) and maintain building, Help Indian Taco Sale. Fun, Call!!
 ***Center Open: Monday dominoes and Potluck; Tuesdays (Yoga, Quilting, Dominoes & Other Games, TV, Lunch); and Thursdays (Tai Chi, Dominoes & Games, Snacks)***

        July,  August, and September, 2017 Schedule <Select


Ass'n of S. Cen OK Govs (ASCOG)

McMahon Foundation

Comanche County

MPTelco, South'n Plains Cable, &
Wichita On-Line

Snider Construction, Cyril, OK

McBride Ins Agency

Lorrance Steel

Hope Reformed Baptist Church

Second Opinion Plumbing, A/C, Heating

   The Legion Building is Available for Public Use! <Information>  
                                See "Schedule" for Legion Building Activities         

                     Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens Center, 6739 North Wildhorse Road
                                 The Legion Building, SH 49 East @ I-44, exit 45
                           Phone: 580-529-3585 (Center)   580-574-1942 (PR-Cell)
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