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This page provides the schedule for the Legion Building for the current month and next month (and toward the end of the current month, the month after next). The schedules may change as the activities are updated. Members wanting to schedule activities in the center can do so by following the instructions below. Families, groups, and organizations can schedule portions or all of the Legion Building and Park by contacting the Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens by email or telephone, each listed on the home page.

Three months' schedules are now available (Click on the month of interest)

Posted Oct 11 <November, 2017> Add An Evening of Line Dancing to the 3d Saturday

Posted Nov 5 <December, 2017>

Posted Nov 28 <January, 2018>

To add an activity to the schedule, either as a single event or a reoccurring activity, members can email information pr@wichitamountainseniors.org, call Tom Spears (580-574-1942), or give a written request to one of the officers of the center. The activity will be listed on the appropriate calendar.

Where the calendar lists "Undefined Use," the building is ordinarily closed, but is available for use when four or more members want to use the facilities for senior activities..... playing dominoes or table games, exercising, watching television, or just visiting, drinking coffee, and such. To gain access to the building for such activities, call Tom Spears (580-574-1942) or Clarence (Skip) Shaak (580-529-2624) for an entrance code to the kitchen door. During "Undefined Use," members may be at the building performance maintenance, cleaning, preparing for upcoming events, or upgrading facilities.

Information about establishing a new activity at the center is available on the <Activities> page.