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Every second Saturday, every month, <Indian Taco Sale> Serving Line opens at 11 am and closes around 2:30 pm (earlier if food exhausted) $7.00 a platter. Quilt raffle drawing will take place at 3 pm at the end of some Indian Taco Sales.

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<Crafts: Quilting><Table Games: Dominoes, Keno><Lending Library> <Road Trips><Yoga & Tai Chi><Computer lessons and sessions as requested> <Karaoke practice>

The Center activities developed for the new center program will depend upon the needs and desires of the members of the Center and members who want to take a position of leadership for specific activities. Here is a list of Activities that we will open the building for (and we are waiting for other suggestions):

Table Games (dominoes - regular, Texas 42, moon, Mexican Train, Chicken Foot, etc - ; card games - bridge, Uno, Skipbo, hearts, spades, gin, etc.)

Lounging (reading, relaxing, and watching television)

Pocket Pool

Kitchen Activities (Food Preparation for fundraisers and Pot Luck Dinners, fixing snacks, classes in food prep, food safety, menus, etc)

Senior-Oriented Classes (Safety, Health, Exercise, Finance, Living)

Preventive health (immunizations, screening, etc.)

Crafts (quilting, painting, sculpting, carving, decorating, etc.)

Computers (email, e-books, using specific programs, browsing the Web)

Outside games (horseshoes, badminton, golf putting)

Exercise (aerobics, stationary bike, rowing machine, DVD-led Tai Chi, etc.)

Bingo (seniors only)- free (small prizes)

Bingo (fundraiser) - buy cards (larger prizes)

RoadTrips (some day trips, some over night, some long)

Your comments, suggestions, and leadership are critical to the success of our program. Please consider what you want your Center to do for you, what activities you can sponsor at the Center, and call Puddin (or another leader of the Center.... <telephone numbers> are on the officers and leads page), Tell us and other members at our regular Monday meeting (and pot-luck supper) 6:00 pm at the Legion Building, or send an Email to the web guy (

Consider volunteering to set up and lead any senior activity that interests you. Let the officers know what you want to do.

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