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To express intention to join the center membership, fill out the Membership Enrollment Form, click here

Our Members

Our Members are 60 years of age and older. People who are 55 to 60 years may join us as associate members. Membership in the Association is automatic. You become a member just by participating in Center activities and continuing to do so on at least a monthly basis.

We do, however, ask everyone to fill out a Membership Enrollment Form. With this information, we can send you schedules, announcements, and Association info (and ask you to volunteer to help with fundraisers, food preparation, and organize and take a lead in Center activities.)

There is no cost or enrollment fee when joining the Association. Any new member who wants to contribute any amount to the General Fund may do so but is never asked or expected to do so. Money in the General Fund helps pay Association and center costs.

Members are not required to pay anything to participate in Center activities (except as described below). A contribution jar is available at all activities which include meals. Contributions of any amount at those events are appreciated, but never required. No one will ever be required to pay anything in order to eat (except some fundraisers). No record will be kept of those who contribute or those who do not. Any contributions we receive will go into the General Fund unless specifically directed to a specific activity.

Members with special interests or talents, who want to organize groups, activities, or special events that further or conform to the seniors' goals and mission can schedule, open, and use the Legion Building.

Some creative activities that need supplies might require participants to purchase those supplies, if other sources of funds cannot be arranged. Members who use the computer's printer/copier are asked to contribute, if they are able, a small amount for the cost paper and ink when the printer output is for the member's personal use.

When the Center joins with the Center for Creative Living or other senior associations in Lawton to provide trips, tours, and off-site activities, the costs accessed by the organization sponsoring the trip will be paid by those who participate.

Members get members. Make the Center your meeting place for your favorite activities.