How Dry Is It In Oklahoma?

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In Mangum, a tobacco-chewing Okie expectorated toward a spittoon. The glob dried out, hit the rounded edge of the cuspidor, bounced back and put the fellow's eye out.

A guy who owns a cabin at Lake Murray has taken to edging the grass around the boathouse by strapping his outboard motor to his back.

A local Comanche group holding hand fans just sit around in a circle and watch a video tape of a 1989 rain dance.

A Lawton octogenarian was invited to tell a kindergarten class what life with rain used to be like.

At the Ada farmers' market last Saturday, a bee keeper was selling powered honey.

A 75-year-old North Texan took a memorial trip to the Red River site of the old Tucker's beer joint. He opened a can of 3.2 beer. Before he took his first swig, the can was half empty and the beer so strong it was illegal in Oklahoma. He is still in Jail in Altus.