Happy Anniversary


By Betty Pepkin Rights reserved Return to <Poems and Stuff>

Some things were meant to be

A part of God’s divine plan.

The day I first saw you,

I knew someday we’d join hands.

It hasn’t always been rosy,

There’s been many ups and downs.

But we are still together,

Still walking on common ground.

We’ve shared heart wrenching grief,

We’ve shared some really lean times.

But through the struggles and the tears,

Our life together is still on line.

We’ve traveled many miles,

We’ve laughed along the way.

These good times were the glue

That gave us the strength to stay.

Remember when the boys were young,

And funds were scarce or deficient?

Roasting hot dogs at the lake

Was fun and quite sufficient.

The boys too soon grew up

And left home one by one.

But so far, with our grandkids

Our home still has laughter and fun.

But one day in the near future,

It will be just us again.

Our life together will have come

Full circle, ending as it began.

Just the two of us…