Peanuts in Coke

Peanuts in a Coke, 1952 Return to <Poems and Stuff>

A little red-skinned peanut, suddenly

Was dropped as the first in the cold, cold coke

Followed by the whole tribe falling in the

Dark, dark froth, tempting anxious, thirsty folk.

We watched the bubbles coating each goober

Through the thick and dark absinthe-colored glass

Floating tasty orbs up the top tube for

Lips poised to salt-sweet crunchy joy to pass.

The first pleasing swallow chills and tickles

As it trickles down the willing gullet.

Such pleasure for a couple of nickels,

A nice trick, and anyone could pull it.

Some fools tried RC or pepsi instead

Of Coke to get the salivary thrill.

"We can get twice as much..." is what they said.

A glance told that their pleasure was not real

Nothing duplicates that titillation

We felt when Coke mixed with salty dried legume.

Then that blend of tastes for all creation,

Did set a goal for what we would consume.