The Legion Building No Longer Exists

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The Legion Building was totally destroyed by fire on February 9. The following text is outdated.

While several members have keys to the front door of the Legion Building, and when necessary, can meet members (and others) who need access to the building. The kitchen door is opened with a key-less lock, and each member who has a re-occurring need to get into the building has been or will be issued an entry code. Leaders of the Hope Reform Baptist Church and Service personnel (such as electrical or plumbing people working on a continuing project or those with continuing need as pest-control personnel) are issued a permanent entry code or one for the duration of their project. One-time-use codes can be provided to trusted members by telephone for occasional entry. Occasionally, a one-time-use entry code will be issued to a fee-user of the building in order to allow special entry at times that are convenient to the user but inconvenient to center personnel. Such one-time entry codes can be obtained by calling 580-574-1942.

Members with keys to the building are:

Tom Spears -- 580-574-1942 or 580-529-2582

Leo Whitley -- 580-529-2730 or 832-518-8909

Members who are responsible for specific activities which have been scheduled on the monthly calendar will be granted full-time entry codes and will enter the building through the kitchen door using their assigned entry codes, complete the necessary written entry documents, open the front door, and prepare the rooms to be used. Preparation should include necessary heating or cooling of the building for the event. Granting of entry codes is made by the Center President. Specific need for combinations is determined and they are encoded after the President has determined such need.

Other trusted members of the Senior Center may be granted full-time entry codes if their center needs or duties necessitate their being there at ad hoc or unpredictable times, ie. construction, maintenance, or repair of the center facilities; frequent, but unscheduled, domino or card games; preparation of or for meals, fundraisers, and other activities without an appointed lead; and routine, frequent, but unscheduled use of the center equipment (game tables. television, exercise gear, or computers.) As a general rule, for safety purposes, no member should engage in center activities unless two or more people are present.

Members without a need for a full-time combination may be given a one-time-use combination over the telephone for unique access to the building for justifiable reasons (Unexpected pick-up domino game, watch DVD on the television, use the Lending Library). The Public Relations lead and the Finance lead carry one-time-use combinations and either can provide for entry at any time over the phone. Permission from the President may be required.


When a member has opened the Legion Building for any reason, that member is fully responsible for the building, its facilities and utilities, the other people the member allows in the building, and security of the building. There is a sign-in/instruction binder on the left end of the kitchen cabinet. The member, by signing in the log will acknowledge that responsibility. The member will sign for the building by entering Name of the member, the date and time of the entry, and the purpose of the visit. The date and time will be correlated with key-less entry audit information. At the end of the building use, or when the member turns the responsibility for the building over to another member, the responsible member initials the "end of use" column and enters the time. If responsible member is transferring responsibility to another member for the same or another purpose, the assuming member accepts responsibility for the building by signing for the building on the next line of sign-in sheet using the same entry time as the previous line's exit time.


The front entry door has a panic-bar opener. Pressing the panic bar swings the latch and allows the door to be opened. The panic bar operates even if the outside door handle is locked. To allow continuous entry from the outside even when the outside door handle is locked, the hex-lock socket located on the panic bar itself can be rotated one-half turn while the panic bar is depressed. That will lock the latch in the open position. The hex-lock socket can be rotated with a proper-sized allen wrench, a knife blade, the point of a key, or a small flat-blade screwdriver. The person using the building will ALWAYS check at the end of use or when the building is being left unattended to be sure that the latch is closed. When the outside door handle is unlocked with a key, the latch will operate with both the panic bar and the door handle. If the door handle is unlocked, the person using the building will ALWAYS ensure that the door handle is locked when the building is unattended.

At the front of the Sign-In Notebook are two pages giving the responsible member information and instruction for opening and closing the building. Those instructions are repeated here.

Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens Center

Legion Building Sign-In Sheet Instructions

When you open the Legion Building:

Note: By opening the Legion Building you assume all responsibility for the building.

1. Complete the sign-in sheet, giving name, date and time, reason for the visit. If you have others with you, have them sign on the Event Registration Log (sheets on top or in the middle drawer of the desk entrance desk).

2. If hot water is needed, plug the water heater fuse into the junction box (in the Utility Room, left of the water heater). (NOTE: The water heater may already be on. If not, it will rise to usable temperature in about 30 minutes.)

3. If coffee is needed, plug in either or both coffeemakers.

a. For the right coffeemaker, plug its electrical cord into the receptacle and turn the Off/On switch to “On.” Add a small amount of water (until the “Add Water” light goes out, prepare the coffee grounds (approximately two heaping measures of coffee grounds for 12 cups), and, when the blue “Ready” light illuminates, pour up to 12 cups of water into the open grill at the top of the machine.

b. The left coffeemaker is connected to the building water lines. Ensure that the tap on the water feed line is turned on. The water in the tank begins to heat as soon as the electrical cord is plugged into the receptacle. It takes 15 minutes or so for the water in the tank to get up to brewing temperature. Place coffee grounds for 12 cups (approximately two heaping measures) into the filter holder. There are three switches on the front of the coffeemaker. The top switch turns on the burner on the top of the maker. The bottom switch turns on the lower right burner. The center switch turns on the brew button and the lower left (brewing) burner. Place the coffeepot on the brewing burner under the grounds holder and press the brew button. When the water in the tank is at brewing temperature, the hot water will flow, and brewing will begin.

4. If the dishwasher is to be used during the visit, be sure the water heater has been on at least 40 minutes so the water is hot. Switch on the booster heater (switch is above the left end of the triple sink). Run water from the “Hot” faucet into the triple sink until the water is fully hot. Turn the Off/On switch on the front of the dishwasher to “On.” Fill the dishwasher with hot water by pressing the “Fill” button for approximately 45 seconds (until the water reaches the bottom of the rotating sprayer). Load rinsed items to be washed into the appropriate rack and the rack into the machine. Press the black “Run” button to start the 90-second cycle. Remove the rack and let the contents air dry before storing the items in the proper areas. The machine needs to be water-filled only once during its operational day unless the water in the bottom cools or becomes dirty.

When closing the Legion Building after senior citizen use:

1. Clean and straighten any area used during the visit. Deactivate, straighten, and store all activity items used (TV remote, games, chairs and tables, sewing machines, etc)

2. Unplug the water heater (if used) by pulling the fuse unit from the fuse junction box; place the fuse unit on top of the fuze junction box.

3. Turn off any coffee pot used, dump the grounds into a trash container, rinse (or wash) the coffee canister and paper-filter holder and leave them to dry on the top of the beverage cabinet.

4. Drain the dishwasher (if used) by pressing the “Drain” button until the wash water is gone. Empty, rinse, and reinsert the filter basket. Turn the Off/On switch to “Off.” Do not leave a rack in the dishwasher. Close the door. Turn off the booster water heater switch.

5. Go to every outside door (ballroom outside doors, back storeroom door, front entry door, and kitchen door) to be sure each is closed and locked. Also inspect the Delta double door, unless their facility is manned, to be sure it is closed and secure. Do this even if you have not used any door other than the door which you entered.

6. Physically go to each restroom and ensure that each is clean, trash cans empty, and paper supplies sufficient. Turn off the lights in each restroom and the water heater in the ladies restroom.

8. Turn off or adjust the thermostats to “Building Idle” temperatures: 50 degrees in the winter, 85 degrees in the summer, and turn off the lights in the ballroom, front hall, and rooms that were used. (One low-energy light is left on in the ballroom)

9. Lock cabinets or appliances that you used or found unlocked, replace all keys in the key safe and lock the key safe. Check the range and fryer to be sure all knobs and switches are in the “Off” position.

10. Initial (entering the time of departure) on your line of the Sign-in sheet showing the building is secure, turn off the lights in the kitchen, close and check the locked kitchen door from the outside. If leaving from the front door, turn off the hall light, close, lock, and check the front door from the outside.

Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens Center

Building Sign-In Sheet

Date&Time Name Purpose of Visit Exit Time

(Activity) Time & Initials