A Crane and a Hummingbird

A bunch of my high school classmates exchange stories, adventures, and criticism with each other as we grow older. Patsy and Donny have been helping their son build and make ready a home in the country in South Texas. She sent a couple of pictures that Donny had taken at the place about the same time we were going trough some "........went into a bar" jokes. These pictures prompted my adding this little tale to the mix........

A Crane and a Hummingbird Went into a Bar...... by Tom Spears

A crane and a hummingbird went into a bar. The crane sat on a bar stool, and the hummingbird just hovered around over his. The bartender was at the other end of the bar serving other customers, but nodded at the pair to let them know that he would be with them directly. The crane, craning his neck to see if he knew anyone in the place, ogled a swan alone in a booth along the back wall. "Wade," his little friend hummed. "She is out of your class." "She is not a tetrapod?" The crane asked, puzzled. "What'll you have?" the bartender interrupted. The hummingbird hovered toward the bartender's ear and whispered, "Rose nectar and morning dew steraight up, with grenadine for color." Looking toward the crane, the bartender asked. ".....and you? Let me guess, swamp water and muck?" "Yep." the crane whooped. "And one for my little friend in the back booth, there." The bartender frowned, "Sir, she is a little out of your class." Eyebrows raised in surprised, the crane asked, "She is not an aves?" The bartender smiled. "She is a floater, you are a stalker." the bartender explained, "Don't mix. The neck probably fooled you." He went to the mixing station and completed the order. "We came here to have fun." the crane intoned, downing his drink in a single gulp. "Tell me something humorous." The hummingbird thought for a minute and said. "I don't know why you always stand in the water.... The bank is where the money is." The crane laughed, his shoulders heaving up and down. He reached back behind himself and slapped his knee. "That is funny!" he said. He regained his composure, looked at the hummingbird seriously, and continued, "I know why you hum all the time." The crane smirked, "It's because you can't remember the words!" The hummingbird, sipping his drink through a straw, almost choked with laughter. Coughing he clutched the rim of his glass to keep from falling in. "It is almost sundown." The hummingbird said, finishing his drink. "I don't like to be out after dark." The crane and the hummingbird left the bar.

The moral of this tale is: Keep track of the time, keep in touch with your class, and know your limits.