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When someone calls you “pardner,”

You might really get a thrill.

But when one guy calls you “pardner,”

He may have the urge to kill!

He keeps his cool most all the time,

But things don’t always pan.

He’s been patient as long as he can.

He really tries for perfection,

in the work that he does.

But others do not see the same picture,

So there it goes.

He will tell you nicely, “I want this job done this way.”

He doesn’t want to tell you that you don’t get a say.

It’s my way or the highway may not exactly be the message,

But to please the customer, and do it right,

You don’t want to do a lot of guessing.

I’m here to tell you, Pardner,

I’ve told you four times to look alive!

Now you reall are getting on my number five.

I have a limit to my patience, and you and me are about there.

So, I’m telling you, “PARDNER

It’s time to beware!!