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     I saw little humor in being old until I laughed with others about things happening as we age.  On these pages we share what tickles us about the fun, the bitter sweet, and the irony of getting older.

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"You don't stop laughing because you grow older. You grow older because you stop laughing." 

                                                                                            Maurice Chevalier, French and American Actor, 1888-1972

"The dead might as well try to speak to the living as the old to the young"

                                                                                                           Willa Cather, American Author and Poet,  1872-1947

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1. A Trip to the Doctor  Submitted by Tom Spears, Lakeland Addition, Comanche County, OK

2. What the Grandkids Say Submitted by David Lott, Medicine Park, OK

3. No One Believes What a Senior Says Submitted by M. E. Musgrove, Walters, OK

4.  A New Concern -- Exercise? Submitted by Tom Spears, Comanche County, OK

5.  The Perfect Man  Submitted by Jo Ann Spears, Comanche County, OK

6.  You Know You Are Getting Old When..... Send in your example.

7.  Signs to the Center. Submitted by David Lott, Medicine Park, OK

8.  Living Will -- From Dec/Jan/Feb issue of Center for Creative Living Quarterly

9.  Interview with an 86-year-old -- From various sources on the Internet and Email

10. Old Timer's Bar -- 10 Cents a Drink -- Another version of a story told by Bob Davis

11. Playing the Piano -- A tired old story retold by Tom Spears

12. Overheard --  Comments heard at the Senior Center (Share with us what you've heard)

13. 4th of July at Lake Lawtonka -- Another CuddaHappened! by Tom Spears

14. You Don't Know My Mother-in-Law -- Lifted from an anonymous source

15. Take Coconut Oil For Dementia -- Suggested by Helen Cowley

16. Killroy Was Here -- Sent in by Joanne Brill

17. He Doesn't Know Everything! -- Told by a lady that said, "Don't use my name." 

18. Just How Dry Is It? -- A survey of the way it was recently by Tom Spears

19. Seniors Aerobic Class -- She told me this in an email.

20. A Trip to the Pharmacist -- An experience by Tom Spears

21. What Happened to Those We Knew So Well... -- An email forward from Patsy Wilson 

22. A Crane and a Hummingbird Went Into a Bar -- A story by Tom Spears

23. I got my concealed carry permit today -- Posted by Joy Willingham on Facebook

24. Advice from an old farmer -- Posted to Facebook by Debby Lewis 

25. Another farmer's comments -- Comments by Tom Spears 

26. A Man Gets Angry -- Copied with appreciation from a FaceBook posting.

27. Seniors do not need Drives License any more -- Posted by Ivalou Zimmerman on Facebook

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 Not all things about being a senior citizen are fun and games nor are most things sad and painful.