The Ride

By June Whatley Rights reserved Return to <Poems and Stuff>

The little boy walked up to the cowboy

Tending his horse, to ask for a ride,

The cowboy bent down to his side,

He asked the young lad, son,

What is your name.

The little boy proudly puffed out his chest,

And said, my name is one of the best.

The cowboy said, what is this name,

The little boy said Lane.

The cowboy pondered and said gosh,

I know a bullrider named Lane Frost.

The little boy, all excited that the

Cowboy knew his namesake, asked,

How did you know him?

The cowboy said son, I’m the Angel

Lane sent to earth to watch over his buddies

during their rides, he told me to stay

right by their side.

The little boy, thinking, eyes big and wide,

Said hey cowboy, I still want that ride!