Public Use of the Legion Building

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With the destruction of the Legion Building by fire on February 9, 2019, the building is no longer available for public use. Information regarding the rebuilding of the Legion Building will be posted here when decisions are made by the Commissioners of Comanche County. The building was the property of Comanche County, sitting on the county's Legion Park, and was dedicated to public use of citizens of Comanche County through the county's concessionaire, the Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens Association.

The following information is outdated.

Two things influence the Wichita Mountains Area Seniors to encourage the public use the Legion Building. The concessionaire agreement that the seniors signed with Comanche County (delineated by the Department of the Interior) states that the public shall have access and use of Legion Park and the Legion Building. Secondly, the cost of operating the building during seniors' use is considerable. A source of income, in addition monthly and special fundraiser activities, is necessary. To satisfy both requirements, The public is welcome to use and enjoy the benefits of having a great facility like the Legion Building. The agreement says that the seniors can charge individuals, groups, and organizations a standard rate from a fee schedule for use of the building.

Anyone who wants to inquire about using the Legion Building, the ballroom, the meeting room, or portions of Legion Park can get information about availability and conditions by calling:

Tom Spears, Public Relations Officer, Home: 580-529-2582, Cell: 580-574-1942

Puddin McKinsey, President, Home: 580-529-2630, Cell: 580-591-6192

General Information:

Currently the established fee for public use of the ballroom in the Legion Building is the lesser of $50.00 per hour or $350.00 per day. The scheduled time for which the fee applies includes any period used for decoration, preparation, setup, and cleanup. If setup and decorating on a day prior to the event or breakdown and cleaning takes place on a day after the event, the fee amount could be greater. (The amount of the additional fee depends upon the amount of time required on the additional day(s) for setup/decorating and cleanup).

Cost for using the the ballroom for less than a full day (less than seven hours) is $50.00 per hour. The hourly rate also applies to any setup and cleanup time as well as the duration of the event. The same hourly rate applies to prior-day setup time and post-day cleanup time when those activities do not occur on the day of the event.

Sample Agreement and Contract: <View>

No alcohol can be brought into or consumed in the Legion Building or on Legion Park grounds. This prohibition is based upon the WMASC Association liability insurance. The center's insurance agency has stated that if the user of the Legion Building is planning an event in which alcoholic beverages are traditionally consumed (like wine and champagne at a wedding reception), the users may be granted an exception to the "no-alcohol" rule. In that case, the building user must show proof of the purchase a one-time "Event Insurance" policy, with the Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens Association and Center named on the policy as "additionally insured," for the period of the building use. The proof of "Event Insurance" will become a part of the use-agreement at the time of signing the agreement. The using people, organization, or group agrees to take full responsibility for the actions of individuals at the event. The agent said that "Event Insurance" may cost between $200.00 and $400.00, depending on the event.