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Email Sent to Members: October Notes

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October means it is time again for catfish. This coming Saturday our frying pan will be greased and hot and ready to prepare as much catfish as you can possibly want. If you are a fan of that great James Williams catfish, Saturday is the last chance you will have to get it for the rest of the year.

Eleven o'clock the first platter will be passed through the serving window so come early and stay long. The Catfish will be served until 2:30 p.m. Hush puppies, French fries, potato salad and coleslaw, and drinks and desserts will overflow your plate. The cost is only $8.00.

I know that you have already vowed to be at the Legion Building anytime catfish is fried, but what we'd like for you to also do is pass the word... to your neighbors, friends, and relatives... that the best fried fish in Lawton will be available to them. We have enough for everyone.

Other stuff:

The Pneumonia Vaccine: If there are enough people who want to get a pneumonia vaccination at the Legion Building, Bob Dishman has told me that he will procure the vaccine and give the shots on Monday, October 22. I am getting names of folks who want the shot and can come that night. The vaccine is the PCV13, especially recommended for older adults and other people with certain health conditions. Your Medicare card shows Bob that you are eligible to get the vaccine with no charge to you. Call or email me this week of your intention to be at the senior center on the 22, so Bob will know how much vaccine he will need.

There Hangs the Quilt: Raffle tickets for the beautiful quilt hanging in the ballroom will be available during the Fish Fry. One ticket sells for a dollar -- six tickets for $5.00. That quilt was hand stitched by the ladies of the Tuesday Quilting Bee. They are now finishing their new quilt, so the drawing for the current quilt will be soon.

Dancing: With the upcoming months having holidays, the schedules for our dance events are often affected. Cheryl-Ann and Rick have announced that the Evening of Line Dancing will move to the third Saturday during November and December to avoid the holiday weekends. Alice Law said that the Wichita Sounds band play every Friday night in both months and, also, will have a special New Year's Eve dance on Monday, December 31. With your kin coming to visit for the holidays, plan to take them out to the dance. It gets them out of the house, and they will love it!

Fixing Those Blinking Fluorescents: We are finalizing the contract to change our old and malfunctioning fluorescent lights for new and efficient LED flat panel fixtures. When it starts, the project will take about 5 days to finish. Some of our activities will be affected, but we will try to keep the impact to a minimum. Your patience will be needed. The upgraded lighting will certainly be worth the trouble.

The October and November calendars are here on the website. As changes occur, I will post them (and send a note for the big changes.... Like, I will add the pneumonia shots to October calendar when I know the event is firm).


Tom Spears, 580-574-1942,