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Email Sent to Members: August Notes

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We will have some catfish for you this Saturday, perfectly fried, with hush puppies, French fries, potato salad and coleslaw, and drinks and desserts. Likely James will have other stuff that I have forgotten. Be there between 11 am and 2:30 pm. Since this a fundraiser, you will have to bring money, but not much. $8.00 a plate.

I am asking that you do this for us. Tell all your friend and neighbors and relatives about the fish fry. Heck, you might even want to bring some of them with you.

Other stuff:

The Leaking Roof: It leaks no more! The folks from Bradley Foam Roofing over in Burkburnett, came over and sprayed foam and sealant on the roof of the entire building. Rick Bradley told me that if we have any water leak through that roof over the next ten years, it is his fault, and he will come back and fix it...... but he is sure he will not be needed. The missing ceiling tiles are back in place (well, except for one that I hope to get fixed before you get there to enjoy your fish).

No Potluck Supper on Labor Day: This really isn't news, because we never have the Monday Pot Luck on major holidays. But just so you know, there will be no Potluck Supper on Monday, September 3, because it is Labor Day, and you guys are busy anyway.

Our Annual Open House: Once a year the senior center tries to schedule an open house on a Saturday in September. The purpose of the open house is to show off all the things that happen at the Legion Building, encourage folks that don't know about those happenings to join in on the fun and become regular members, and to just get together and enjoy a day at the Legion Building with food, games, demonstrations, a little music. There will be no charge. We'd like for you all to plan to be here on Saturday, September 15. If you know of people who are over 60 and looking for some place to go and something fun and interesting to do, tell them to come by and see the place.

Dancing: Two things you need to take note of if you like to dance and have been ignoring things going on at the Legion Building. The Friday Dance with the Wichita Soundsband offers a melodic evening with no smoking and no alcohol. That is every Friday night at 7 pm. The other is the Evening of Line Dancing. Rick and Cheryl-Ann offer the opportunity to learn and practice line dancing on the fourth Saturday night at 7 pm.