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Email Sent to Members: January

January 1, 2020


Happy New Year. This is the year that we hope .... OK, expect.... to have the building on Legion Park rebuilt in its new form and old function. There is little new regarding the county's building plans beyond that I have passed on earlier, so I will just repeat that for you below.

The schedules for January and February can be found on the Schedules page. Updates to the calendars are posted on our website as changes occur.

Other Stuff:

Rebuilding: The National Park Service agrees with the county's plans to construct a metal building on the old foundation. The county commissioners will soon allocate funds for the rebuilding. Then, the county will prepare a Request for Proposals to select a contractor to put up a building. When that happens, the senior center volunteers will seek grants and other funding to install the electrical systems, HVAC, and plumbing in the building; finish the flooring, ceiling tiles, and sheetrock; and install the cabinetry. Funding for the kitchen and ballroom furnishing is in place, as the contents of the Legion Building were insured. …..Realize, though, if the county commission does not allocate the funds for the building shell, we are at square one and will again ponder the process.

Dan’s Blood Pressure Readings: Several of you have asked. The schedule has Dan Dolenar, our resident medical expert, taking blood pressure and discussing healthy living every Tuesday between 10 am and noon, and he has not recently been there. We hope that Dan’s own tendency toward puniness will soon resolve itself and he will be able to continue this very valuable and beneficial service.

Activities: We hope that the New Year will bring you to the Fellowship Hall on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays to take part in the Monday Pot Luck and the noon meals, Yoga and table games, and crafts and camaraderie. As we get closer to the actual work of planning for and preparing for utilization of the new community center, we will need to re-grow our membership and volunteers. Now is the time to bring in new participants.

Please pass a copy of the calendars to anyone you know who doesn't receive them and may be interested in our activities.

That is the news as I know it, so, until next time.