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Email Sent to Members: May Notes (below) and Memorial Day Reminder (first)

May 26, 2019

All..... I have had a couple of calls asking if there is a potluck supper tomorrow night (Memorial Day), and there is not.

We will have our games, activities, and lunch on Tuesday. Ten AM the domino tables welcome those players. Also at 10, Susan will be there for our Yoga session, Tai Chi at 11. I think James said something about hot dogs and fixings for lunch, but I might have gotten that wrong..... Seems right, though, for the day after Memorial Day. Mexican train dominoes and regular dominoes start as soon as the dishes are put (and thrown) away.

Other Stuff: Our election of center officers for the next year will take place on June 3 immediately after the pot luck. We have been asking for consideration of and nominations for each of the seven officer positions....... President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Food Manager, Public Relations, and Comptroller. It is important that we have active, energetic, and interested officers during this critical time when we are meeting in a temporary location and working to rebuild on the site where our building once stood on Legion Park. If you would like to compete for any office, make your wishes known.

The officers are elected by the membership. A member of the senior center is anyone who participates at the center at least once each 30 days. If that describes you, please come, eat, and vote (and nominate or step forward and run for an office).

Tom, Treasurer and Public Relations, 580-574-1942.

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Those of you who were at the Monday Potluck last week do not need to read this email. Those of you who do not participate in the activities of the Senior Center in its temporary location (The Fellowship Hall, 1st Baptist Church, Medicine Park) don't have to read this email unless you really want to. For the rest of you:

Every year, in June, we send to ASCOG our request for a state grant for a portion of our cost of food. In that request, we include our ByLaws. We have had to rewrite our ByLaws this year because our old ByLaws sort of expired when we lost the Legion Building. The membership has to approve our ByLaws. I have attached the draft of the ByLaws that the Board of Directors are recommending be adopted. Members will vote on accepting this draft during the meal at the potluck next Monday, May 13. If you want to vote and are 60 years of age or older, you can do that by attending the potluck. Attending the functions of the senior center makes you a member. Attending the functions of the center at least once a month keeps you on the membership list. A copy of the draft ByLaws is attached.

By the way, the election of the Board of Directors is scheduled to take place immediately after the Monday Potluck on Monday, June 3. Current members of the Board of Directors are listed below, Anyone interested in becoming a member of the board at this critical time as the board manages the future of the center and determines its permanent location should make that interest known. Any member can nominate any member for any position on the board on the night of the election. The vote, count, and seating of the elected members will take place that night. Your interest is very important.

Whaddabout the Legion Building?

The board is steadily working to solve the dilemma of our future. We are choosing to attempt to rebuild the Legion Building on a portion of its old foundation. The first problem is money for the effort. We are finding and applying for grants to solve that problem. Other things are ongoing. Scaling our drawings to fit both the slab and our mission is underway--moving the kitchen to the Delta area, finding space for the players, the sewers, the readers and watchers, and the eaters and the dancers--while remembering that the building also has to serve the public. Ray Dryz, a local architect, has volunteered to guide us along the creative and engineering paths to a finished building. The Wichita Sounds Band, wanting their venue back, is voicing its needs and desires. For now, we are planning, working, and hoping.

The Current Board of Directors

President Wynell (Puddin) McKinzie

Vice President Gordon (Buddy) Dye

Secretary Christine Shaak

Treasurer Tom Spears

Food Manager James Williams

Comptroller Clarence (Skip) Shaak

Public Relations Tom Spears



We, the members of the Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens, in order to more adequately meet the exigencies of the times, do hereby ordain, ratify, and establish these by-laws to carry out the purposes and functions set forth by this organization.



Section 1 Organization.

The members of the Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens, a non-profit organization organized by senior citizens of the northwest portion of Comanche County, as now established, is and shall continue to be a proper entity whose purpose is promoting a general well-being of the elderly of the area and providing services to that end.

Section 2 Membership.

The membership of the Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens shall be those persons 60 years old and older who regularly participate in the ongoing activities of the organization. Members who meet these qualifications are members eligible to vote. Membership is open to every person meeting the age criteria without regard to race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, citizenship, place of origin, or physical or mental disability,

Section 3 Self-Government.

The Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens shall be governed by a board of directors. Each director will have been nominated by a member and will selected by the vote of a majority of the members who are present at the election meeting. The election meeting will be previously scheduled and announced as its purpose being the electing the officers of the board.

Section 4 Records.

All records shall be for the use of the officers and will be available for inspection by the members of the Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens Center. Those records, normally kept at the members meeting place, will be kept and maintained, during the period prior to the selection and occupation of a permanent location, by the appropriate officers of the Senior Citizen Center: administrative records kept by the President; funding, financial, and property records will be held jointly by the Treasurer and Comptroller; and historical and meeting records by the Secretary. The records will be kept in their individual residences. Records, or copies of records, shall be presented, upon request, to interested members at the temporary meeting place, Fellowship Hall of the First Baptist Church of Medicine Park.



Section 5 Election of Officers.

The members shall elect a governing board of seven (7) members, those being a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Comptroller, Public-Relations Officer, and Center Food Manager. Officers of the organization shall meet the criteria for membership in the organization. The election will be held during June of each year at a meeting of the membership especially called for that purpose. The meeting shall be announced on the web site, by email, and verbally at center functions at least 8 days prior to the general membership meeting. No quorum standards need be met. The immediate past president of the organization shall be invited to and may attend all called meetings of the board as President Emeritus.

Section 6 President and Vice President.

Duties of the President of the Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens are:

· to preside at regular meetings, events, and functions of the center;

· to call special meetings of the directors or of the members, giving adequate prior notice;

· to work with the Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Comptroller, and Center Food Manager overseeing all official activities, signing all official and legal documents, except as specifically delegated to another director;

· to administer the business of the center and its place of meeting in a timely and responsible manner;

· to designate and work with activity leads in fulfilling the roles, goals, and functions of the organization; and

· to ensure that the organization complies with and satisfies the agreement between the organization and the Board of Commissioners of Comanche County to occupy, maintain, and care for the county’s Legion Park and plan the rebuilding or replacement of the Legion Building.

The Vice President will assist the President in all center functions, perform other duties that may be assigned by the president, and perform the duties of the President in her/his absence.

Section 7 Secretary.

The Secretary shall keep a complete and accurate record of all business meetings, read the minutes of the previous meeting, and maintain a current record of participating members. The secretary shall also be responsible, along with the public relations officer and activity leads, for correspondence with the members regarding events, activities, and center membership meetings. The Secretary may be assigned other duties as needed by the President.

Section 8 Treasurer.

The Treasurer shall receive and deposit all funds and donations and ensure payment of all just obligations; working with the Comptroller, maintain an accurate account of all financial transactions and status; and present a financial report to the membership at regular meetings. The Treasurer shall ensure compliance with local, state, and federal tax laws, in coordination with the Comptroller, and advise the President on same.

Section 9 Comptroller.

The Comptroller shall serve as auditor of the funds of the organization, advising and counseling the other officers regarding rules for tax exempt nonprofit organizations, keeping a running history of financial transactions, account balances, and receipt and spending history. The comptroller will advise the Treasurer and the President regarding federal and local tax regulations and requirements, satisfying those requirements for the Treasurer, when requested.

Section 10 Public Relations Officer

The Public Relations Officer shall be responsible for announcing events and functions to the local newspapers, television and radio stations, and other media, maintaining an Internet web presence which publishes information about all senior center news, events, calendars, and functions. With the President, Secretary, and Center Food Manager, the Public Relations Officer will ensure accuracy and timeliness of the Center scheduling calendar.

Section 12 Center Food Manager

The Center Facility Manger will plan, coordinate, arrange for, and oversee all food requirements for senior events, functions, and fundraisers for the center, will purchase or oversee the purchase of foodstuff and associated material for the kitchen, and will provide receipts of all purchases to the Treasurer for accounting. With the President, the Center Food Manager will interface with the local Food Bank, when appropriate, insuring compliance with Food Bank issue, storage, and use criteria.

Section 13 President Emeritus.

The President Emeritus may attend meetings, join discussions with the other elected board members. The President Emeritus office will only be filled by a President who has honorably served, is approved by a General Membership vote, and has been replaced by the election of the next President by the General Membership.

Section 14 Term of Office.

The term of each officer shall be for a period of one (1) year with any incumbent being eligible for re-election with no limit to the number of terms. The President Emeritus shall serve until the serving President is replaced by election and assumes that honorary office.

Section 15 Filling of Vacancies.

The Governing Board, by majority vote of its remaining officers, shall fill vacancies that occur in the board. The selected incoming officer shall complete the unexpired term of the departing incumbent.

Section 16 Powers and Responsibilities.

Except as otherwise provided in these by-laws, all powers of the governing board, including the determination of all matters of policy, shall be vested in the board. Without limitations of the foregoing, the board may:

· Recommend, plan, conduct, and administer programs of the Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens to provide fellowship and promote a general well-being for the elderly.

· Approve all expenditure of the Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens funds. No more than three board members shall have signature authority for the center bank account. Checks shall be issued only under the auspices of the President or the Treasurer. Any credit or debit card issued to the Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens shall be under the direct control of the President or the Center Food Manager at all times. Use of the credit or debit card number for telephone or Internet purchases shall only occur with the direct and previous approval of the President, Treasurer, or Center Food Manager.

· Advise, and consider comments and recommendations from the membership on all matters relating to the plans and activities of the Center, Legion Park, and the replacement or rebuilding of the Legion Building.

· Establish and appoint committees to assist the board in the discharge of its responsibilities. Such committees will consist of at least three (3) members with a chairperson designated.

· Approve each Activity Lead, the Center activity involved, any resources required by the activity lead for the conduct of the activity, and the schedule requested by the activity lead for the activity.

· Take all actions necessary to comply with the Concession Agreement between the center and the Board of Commissioners of Comanche County for the use and maintenance of Legion Park and the replacement or rebuilding of the Legion Building.

· Carry out and enforce the by-laws of this organization.

· Plan for, obtain, appropriate, and expend funds of the Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens where needed, approved, and warranted.

Section 17 Meetings.

There shall be a publically held business meeting at least once a quarter, at which time there shall be a reading and approval of minutes and reports from the Treasurer, any committees, and designated activity leads. A special meeting of the membership may be called by the president or a majority of the board members to occur after notification to the membership. The board may determine its own rules of order and procedures in conducting meetings. Business may be introduced by any member at which time the member will state concisely the nature of the business. Except for emergency meetings, notice of all board meetings will be properly posted on the web site of the Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens. Members will be informed in advance of such meetings. When possible, meetings will be included on the monthly center calendar. Matters needing immediate attention and decision may require telephonic meetings of officers. In such cases, the officer initiating the meeting shall provide a written record to the Secretary of the requirement, consideration, and result of the meeting at the conclusion of the meeting.



Section 18 Suspension, disbarment from Attendance.

The governing Board may, for just cause (i.e. disturbances, excessive and abusive use of language, etc.) indefinitely suspend or bar any member from participating or attending any or all activities of the Wichita Mountains Area Senior Citizens. No disciplinary action shall become effective until the member has an opportunity to address the Board regarding the incident. The Governing Board shall then issue a written notice of indefinite suspension or disbarment, the effective date thereof, and reasons or grounds for such action to the member, with a copy provided to the Secretary for record-keeping. The disciplinary measure shall then become effective immediately. No disciplinary action shall be warranted or taken by the Governing Board against a member because of membership in any political, religious, or fraternal organization.

This revision of these Bi-Laws has been approved by vote of the general membership on (enter date)