Email Stuff for March

Email Sent to Members: March

March 7, 2020


The March and April calendars showing the activities and, as best we now know, the meeting place of the senior citizens for the next couple of months are now posted @. We are meeting at the Medicine Park Event Center, 91001 State Highway 49, the cobblestone building on the hill up and behind the new Medicine Park Post Office. Assuming approval by the town council at their monthly meeting on March 17, we will be meeting there until the damaged wall at the Baptist Church Fellowship Hall is repaired and ready for use. At that time, we expect to resume meeting there until the construction of the Legion Park Community Building is completed.

Other Stuff:

Another member has died: I heard this afternoon that Pat McKenzie has passed away. He has been fighting multiple illnesses for several years, finally losing that struggle. Pat has not been able to participate with us at the Fellowship Hall for the past year. Even before his recent physical decline, Pat, confined to his wheelchair, couldn't maneuver the steep ramp and the stiff front door. His independent nature would never let him count on those of us who wanted to help; meet him in the breezeway and hold the door, or push the chair up the incline. Prior to the fire, Pat was a mainstay and willing volunteer and keen domino player. From his chair, he assisted the folks who repaired, prepared, and cleaned the building. He was always looking for ways to improve the facility and our activities. Pat was the force that got the ADA-compliant wheelchair ramp and van-only parking area. He told me when that improvement was completed, "I will not be here forever looking out for members with limited mobility. Please always keep this space free for people who really need to park here." When the new building is completed, with its reserved handicap and van-only parking, I, for one, will try to maintain Pat's hope and drive.

Rebuilding: The Comanche County Commissioners were still waiting when I talked to them on Monday morning for the contracted environmental engineer to complete the floodplain certification:for the building site. A National Park Service approval form requires that certification prior to their approving the County rebuilding plans. As soon as the NPA gives the go ahead, the county will locate and allocate funds for construction of the building shell. Concurrently, the senior citizens' grant writer will prepare grant requests for electrical, lighting, and air conditioning funds; as well for assets to complete walls, ceiling, and flooring, including materials for the dance floor replacement. Any individual, business, or organization that wants to can make donations to the WMASCC Building Account at Liberty National Bank.

Dancing and Line Dancing: Both of the community activities that were at the heart of the Legion Building activities are still going on..... and looking forward to returning to the hardwood dance floor planned for the new facility. The dates, times, and places for the dances are listed on the attached calendars.

The Event Center: We have been very fortunate that the Medicine Park Event Center has been made available by the town for our activities while the Fellowship Hall is repaired. As you can see on the calendar,the Monday Potluck continues at the same time. James, his helpers, and the folks who bring side dishes and desserts continue to provide delicious fare. Everyone is encouraged to come out and enjoy the meal and to join in the games and camaraderie of the evening. Thursday activities are curtailed to 1 pm because the Event Center has an ongoing commitment for the building from 2 to 4 every Thursday. There are a few other changes in the way we conduct our activities, but we are lucky to be able to meet at the Event Center.

You will receive notice when we know when we move back to the Fellowship Hall. I will also keep the website up to date. I also will always have the latest information about rebuilding in the news portion of the website.

That is about it for now. Feel free to contact me, Eva, or James with any questions or suggestions.


Tom Spears, 580-574-1942