Cowboys and Wheelchairs

by Lois Snider Rights reserved Return to <Poems and Stuff>

Old cowboys don't like wheelchairs

They are not used to wheels

They are used to riding horses

Riding, roping making deals

To be seen in one of those things

Ruins your image right away

They may help with transportation

But wheels get in your way

Boots and spurs, even crutches

Help a cowboy get around

But there's something about a wheelchair

That wears the spirit down

Maybe it's just the idea

That the riding is no more

But it's sad to see a cowboy

Slow down, what a chore

The buckles and the saddles won

Make wonderful memories

And the friends who came and went

Make for better days to see

Guess we all will have to slow down

Get a walker or some wheels

But some of the great memories

Come with the saddles, buckles, and deals