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Mom, why did you keep this old clipping from 1968?

It’s something we don’t need.

Oh, yes we do! That’s the year you were voted


And why do you keep these old trophies?

Aren’t they too old to show?

No, they are frin a Little Britches Rodeo.

What about these old parade pictures of a

Football Queen in a car?

Hey, that’s your sister, and she really was a star

What about this old clipping about a football game --

Says one player made more yardage than all the other team.

Here’s an old rodeo program from a high school rodeo

Says one boy and his partner won the roping at the

State Finals Show.

Now what about this old gold plaque,

Says Softball Player of the Year

(Guess some blonde girls can think really clear)

Really, don’t throw all this stuff away.

They are such nice reminders of some very special days!